As a devised theatre artist my practice is one of research, from inception to final out put, I aim to pose resonant questions rather than answer them. Research extends beyond theatre as I creatively collaborate with practitioners from other fields, forging new techniques and uncovering new stories. 

My current research partners include:

Halima Amenzine Campbell (BBC History, National Trust for Scotland): a historian and specialist in South West Scotland's folk history.  Together we are uncovering stories of witch burnings and are chasing legends of Scottish giants, a theme which we invited illustrator John Chamberlin to begin bringing to life in early years directed images.

Paul Georgie (Geo.Geo): founder of a Glasgow-based geospatial technology company with whom we are exploring the interface between digital mapping and public art; particularly how communities can engage in mapping what matters most to them, both physically and emotionally.

Valentina Zagaria (Theatre Senza)an anthropologist from the London School of Economics, Senza develop techniques to use theatre as an ethnographic research tool. The company are interested in widening the potential for qualitative field research beyond text-based interviews and finding innovative ways in which theatre can help researchers digest gathered material.  View Valentina's research paper here.

Kirsty Cassels (creativecassels): is a builder and architectural designer currently researching ways in which to create pop-up, weather proof, fully equipped theatre venue and street theatre space appropriate for the Scottish climate.