With The Devil's Assistance

This original piece is a story about Ayr, a town which has demolished the bottom of its high street to build for the future - the town will build for its life. A local architect, an anthropologist, a storyteller and theatre maker will meet in the rubble and consider the high street as it is today and a moment in its past when it  was one of Scotland’s richest market places.  

The team will create a physical story telling piece of theatre performed by Shona Cowie and framed through a local legend that a house was built there in one night ‘With the Devil’s Assistance.’  A story which has at its centre a local 17th century entrepreneur, Maggie Osbourne who was responsible for bringing significant wealth and employment to the town and who for her skill and for being a woman, was burnt as a witch. 

Maggie’s story deserves reconstruction we hope to open up discussions of power and its position in our own markets places today. 

The deal is up for renewal, the devil has called a town meeting. 

PerformanceShona Cowie