I facilitate participants’ engagement with culture and performance and am experienced in working across age groups and cross culturally.  My base - built from training in applied theatre; interning with the National Theatre of Scotland; and working as creative engagement associate for York Theatre Royal - has supported me to acquire a broad international career in theatre arts facilitation and creative education, working in theatres, public space, museums, libraries, art centres, activist communities, charities and classrooms. 

This project was really special to me, everything and everyone, I don’t have words to explain this. We all put everything out there, we shone as we made our play. This experience was fast but it will always be in my heart. I understand now that I want theatre to always be a part of my life, as a hobby, as a career it doesn’t matter, I am really happy to have had this experience.
— Ana, 16, RAMP performer.
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In 2015, I established theatre and education company Teatro Fosforo in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Find out more about the workshops and performance projects we offered to ESL education communities across Sao Paulo state using the download links below.

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We have had Shona with Teatro Fosforo at our school three times already and every production has been meaningful and relevant. They get to know the audience ahead of time and customize the presentations based on the children’s input and resources. They have a special way to touch children and adults alike, tapping into their imagination in a language that speaks to their hearts and minds.
— Maria Teresa de la Torre Aranda, Pedagogical Coordinator for Bilingual Nursery and Elementary School, Global Me.